Computer Services

Serving the Sugar Land, Richmond, and Rosenberg area
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Save money by going local

Big companies charge big prices. I will always promise to charge a reasonable price for the time and effort spent solving your problem.


Get the help you need

You can rest assured knowing that I have the experience and know-how to help. I'll explain everything I do, and always make sure you know both the why and the how.


Honesty and communication

I will never lie to you or withhold information, even if it would mean more money in my wallet. I'm here to work with you and for your benefit - not my own.

Recommended by the local community
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Support Info

To receive a quote, please read the following instructions, and then send me an email (address is further down the page). Please indicate the nature of your problem using one of the three categories below. If you aren't certain or have additional questions, that's fine!



You're experiencing a problem with using your computer or device. This means your machine turns on just fine, but a specific task you are trying to accomplish isn't working like you want it to. A virus infection is also a software problem.



Something is physically wrong with a component in the computer. It won't turn on, a component isn't connecting, the entire machine shuts down at random, or it has other similar problems.


Custom Computer

You would like me to build you a brand-new machine that is guaranteed to work, run fast, and do exactly what you need it to do. It's tailored exactly to your needs, so it lasts longer and works better than something off the shelf.

I also offer tutoring and instruction!

Furthermore, please include any and all information that may be relevant. If you expect that I may have to physically visit you to provide support, please include your address as well. Due to the widely varying nature of computer problems, prices will be discussed and decided on a case-by-case basis.

Feel free to ask any questions or express your concerns.

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